Alanson Village Park - Crooked River

A small park with docks along the Crooked River and access to River Street

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A nice small park along the Crooked River with docks and a picnic area. This is the primary access to downtown Alanson as the park also has access to River Street. Downtown Alanson has lodging, marinas, restaurants, Inland Waterway Museum, North Western State Trail, bakery and shops. The Crooked River is beautiful in this area.

Available in Spring Available in Summer Available in Fall Public Restrooms

On Street parking is available.

Picnic Area Potable Water

Carry-In boat access.

Length of access is more than 50 yards.

Would need to put in along a dock, no landing area along the river in this location. MANY motorized boats in this small congested area.

The sign for this site is in the water/on shore/bank (visible from water).

River Street
Alanson, MI
GPS: 45° 26.43720, -84° 47.17440