J.P. Palmer Canoe Kayak Launch

Carry in access to start of Union City Heritage Water Trail on Coldwater River, Village of Union City property

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Natural riverbank access on Village of Union City property and start of the 5 mile/28 site Union City Heritage Water Trail (www.uchwt.com) ending at Riley Dam. This access address can be tricky depending on your mapping program. You should end up just in the southeast edge of the Village of Union City near the bridge not 5 miles SE  in Hodunk!  This road shows up as Coldwater Rd., Coldwater St, and Union City Rd. on various map programs. Google maps currently mislabels the Coldwater River coming into Union City from the south as the St. Joseph River. Many map apps still show a diagonal stream cutting across the south side of the village from the Coldwater River to the St. Joseph River. This old mill race was filled in around 2002. The launch was recently named for late 19th century painter JP Palmer who lived in the village and preserved many local river scenes on canvas.

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Parking Lot parking is available.

Picnic Area

Length of access is more than 50 yards.

The riverbank here is natural, and a couple of step steps.

The sign for this site is in the water/on shore/bank (visible from water), along the road (visible from road).

206 Coldwater St
Union City, MI 49094
GPS: 42° 3.69960, -85° 7.65060