Riley Dam

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Canoe/kayak dock and ramp above dam/natural riverbank access for re-entry below dam.  This is the end of the Union City Heritage Water Trail. When approaching the dock on the lake end above the dam after passing the outer buoy line, go directly to gate opening in inner line (if you craft is to wide for the gate the is passing space around the buoys to the right near the shore) then proceed to directly to the ramp and dock. DO NOT APPROACH SHORELINE NEAR BUILDING OR DAM FLOW!! NO SWIMMING OR FISHING!

Available in Spring Available in Summer Available in Fall Available in Winter

Parking Lot parking is available.

Carry-In boat access.

Length of access is more than 50 yards.

354 Riley Rd.
Sherwood, MI 49089
GPS: 42° 2.67300, -85° 12.19800