Ocassional Deadfall & Strong Current

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This section of the Coldwater river (despite what Google Maps say this is the Coldwater River NOT the St. Joe) as of 7/20/2106 is fairly passable as far as deadfall. Kudos to several folks who have worked to make it passable.   It has much more current than the St. Joe River especially during highwater/run off/snow melt seasons. During high water (snow melt, run off, heavy rains) it should be given due respect for the amount of current and obstacles it can contain.   Be respectful of this stretch of water. None of the local rivers are maintained by a livery service so local paddlers work together to try to keep a path through deadfall. Sometimes because of size a deadfall can't be completely cleared and the DNR frowns on clear cutting the river as deadfall provides habitat and access for wildlife.

GPS: 42° 2.05860, -85° 6.73020