Strong Current and Eddy

Strong current and eddy.

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As the quicker Coldwater River (even though Google maps calls it the St. Joe, it is the Coldwater River) comes in from the south to terminate into the St. Joe River there is a challenging little eddy. As you after you make the left turn just at the "Narrow Gauge Railway" marker a few yards further you will come to this eddy. Staying toward the left side of the Coldwater (in low water there is a small gravel bar in the middle of the river) will reduce your chances of being pushed into a small eddy. The strong eddy/current is on the right side of the Coldwater river (right side of the gravel bar) as you meet the St. Joe. Once on the St. Joe you will find a much lazier river.

GPS: 42° 3.99600, -85° 7.77780