Upper Chain Water Trail

A 19.5 intermediate water trail

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This is considered an intermediate level water trail.  Beginning at the DNR Six Mile Lake Access Site to the Village of Central Lake is considered a beginner level route and travels through six small lakes.  From Central Lake to the Village of Bellaire it is considered an intermediate level route due to the potential of waves and motor boat traffic on Intermediate Lake.  The southern end of Intermediate Lake you will see an island that is used for nesting birds in the spring.  The route ends with a very picturesque paddle through the Intermediate River into Bellaire.  

The route ends at a dam in Bellaire but see the Lower Chain Water Trail for information on continuing on the other side of the dam.  It is about a 1/3 mile portage across M-88 to the Ohio Street Launch to continue your adventure.  

All of the access sites included on the trail are open to the public and have been approved for inclusion by the site owner. This water trail is still in the beginning stages and therefore no additional water trail signage is installed on the ground at this time.

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