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You’ll find Timothy’s in their new location. We are unpretentious, unurban, uncomplicated and undaunted by the changing seasons. 

Come in. We’ll greet you with a heartfelt smile. But it’s our décor that will catch you a bit off guard. It’s rustically warm and fresh. You'll be surprised by what you can see in the floor as well. 

Your dining experience will be as fresh as the moment. Chef Tim personally selects the foods he prepares. He refuses to cut corners. Many of the fruits, vegetables and herbs are grown locally; the seafood is fresh, never frozen … only the cheeses, wines, spirits and craft brews are aged for your pleasure.

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16409 Red Arrow Hwy
Union Pier, MI 49129
GPS: 41° 49.29720, -86° 41.97180
Hours: 6-10 pm
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