Rouge River Water Trail

Paddle the historic Rouge River through a forested corridor, on a peaceful lake or through the historic industrial area.

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Friends of the Rouge, Wayne County Parks and other partners are developing a Rouge River Water Trail from Canton to the Detroit River along the Lower branch and Main Stem of the Rouge River.  The upstream stretches are forested and protected within Wayne County parkland.  Fallen trees are abundant but hard-working teams of volunteers have opened routes in the City of Wayne and in Dearborn.  The lower industrial stretch is wide open and offers fantastic views of the Ford Rouge plant and associated industry.  Additionally, paddling is available on Newburgh Lake in Livonia with rentals available on warm week-ends.

One and a half to 2 hour paddle from Melvindale to River Rouge passing by the Ford Rouge plant, Zug Island, etc.
Ford Field offers an easy launch into the pond with access upstream
Paddle through the forested floodplain within Wayne County Parks
Newburgh Lake is a great picnic paddle on a large lake with rentals availabel on week-ends