Wawatam Park

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Access Type: Via Paved Road


Launch Type: Carry-in Launching (Kayak)


Beach Type: Gravel/Cobble

Beach Approach: Low Banks

Vehicle Parking: 5 spaces, two hour parking


- 2 Restrooms (Flush)

- Handicapped Accessible Restrooms

- Water Faucet/Drinking Fountain

Day Use Facilities:

- Picnic Area

- Playground/Activity Area

- Interpretive Facilities

- Cultural or Historic Site


One of many parks in Mackinaw City, which has picnic tables, benches, and grills. Some of the parks are busy with visitors and as a result be considerate when Carrying Kayaks and Equipment. the Park is Located on the Mackinaw City Historic Trail. Paddling around the Waterfront of Mackinaw City offers an interesting mix of Historic Sites and Parks. Be Careful of Heavy Boat and Ferry Traffic Paddling around the Mackinaw City Waterfront. Waters in the straits are challenging with currents and waves.

Available in Spring Available in Summer Available in Fall Public Restrooms

GPS: 45° 46.99020, -84° 43.38420
Location Map for Wawatam Park