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Private livery with camping, picnicking, dock in river. Contact for shuttle service information. Canoe and kayak rental available. The landing fee is $10 for one boat and $5 each additional boat. Shuttle back to Dundee is $5 per person. Dock is visible.

Fee Required

There is an entrance/launch fee of $10.00 at this location.

Parking Lot parking is available.

Public restrooms are available (Pit Toilet).

Camping is available: Rustic (area for tents and restrooms)

Picnic Area Lighting Shelter Potable Water

Developed boat access.

A nearby local outfitter provides just rentals including transport of boat.

1151 Plank Rd
Dundee, MI
GPS: 41° 58.17720, -83° 35.57880
Location Map for River Raisin Canoe Livery