Oscoda - Au Sable Blueway

Paddle the coast along Oscoda, Cedar Lake and the lower Au Sable River.

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From Huron Shores Coastal Trails

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Distance: 14 Miles

Access Sites:  06-08 (TAWAS PT. S.P.) & 06-10 DNR BOAT LAUNCH AU SABLE RIVER

Shoreline Land Use: Residential; there are no public lands along this stretch

Points of Interest: Au Sable Point, beaches, small resorts and forested coast

Waypoints: No way points or rest stops along this stretch

Hazards & Cautions: This is a 14-mile paddle with no rest stops along the way

Comments: None


Route:  OSCODA

Distance: 5 Miles

Access Sites:  06-10 (DNR Boat Launch) & 06-12 (MDOT Roadside Park)

Shoreline Land Use: Residential and resort

Points of Interest: AuSable River and Ponds, Oscoda Twp. Beach

Waypoints: 06-11 (Oscoda Twp. Beach)

Hazards & Cautions:

Comments: Opportunities to paddle lower stretches of the Au Sable River. There are five dams and ponds along the lower stretch of the Au Sable River. Moving from the mouth of the river upstream, the ponds are Foote Dam Pond, Cooke Dam Pond, Five Channels Dam Pond, Loud Dam Pond, and Alcona Dam Pond.

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