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Black River Tavern is a South Haven, MI bar with an old-scool feel and if you happen to venture into the dimly lt basement (The River Bottom), you might just stumble across some of the best comedy performances the Midwest has to offer. The tickets and the alcohol are quite cheap and TRB does comedy right thanks in large part to professional comedian and host Jerry Donovan's ability to attact nationally recognized talent and a shared commitment to the art of stand-up comedy and showcasing local talent, making it a favorite for many aspiring and known comedians. Located in the heart of downtown South Haven, BRT has a full restaurant upstairs and TRB provides its patrons with a steady rotation of hilarious stand-up performances in a small but lively venue.

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403 Phoenix Street
South Haven, MI 49090
GPS: 42° 24.20160, -86° 16.53840
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