Blueways of St. Clair

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Blueways of St. Clair
Paddlers pass under the Blue Water International Bridge through Port Huron on the Island Loop National Water Trail

Visit and enjoy the land and water trails along the St. Clair River corridor, from Anchor Bay to the northern border of St. Clair County along Lake Huron.

Go to the Blueways of St. Clair website for more maps and information.

A rural paddle winding through Clay and Ira Townships.
The Belle River winds through Marine City, East China Township, and China Township.
Paddle the beautiful Black River through the Port Huron State Game Area.
An easy paddle down the Black River to the St. Clair River.
A paddle down the St. Clair River to Marysville, Marine City, or your own destination!
Fun on the waterways of St. Clair County!
A nice paddle along Bouvier Bay, from Beaubien Creek to the North Channel.
A leisurely paddle up the beautiful Black River to Wadhams Bridge and back.
A leisurely paddle along the western shore of Lake Huron.
Paddle through Big Muscamoot Bay to Gull Island.
Wind through the Port Huron State Game Area along the Black River.
A nice paddle along the Pine River, beginning at the St. Clair Marina.
Paddle the North Channel of the St. Clair River around Russell Island and back.
Decker's Landing to Strawberry Island through one of the largest freshwater deltas in North America.
An easy paddle through St. John's Marsh.
A very unique, nationally renowned paddle crossing four different water bodies along the international border.
A remote rural paddling route on the Black River between Beard and Wadhams roads.