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Finding a place to launch your vessel into Lake Michigan is not hard in Ludington. The Loomis Street Boat launch can accommodate various sizes of boats, and with an extensive parking area, it is a great place to launch your Lake Michigan Adventure. Loomis Street Boat Launch is within walking distance to restaurants and lodging in downtown Ludington

Available in Spring Available in Summer Available in Fall Public Restrooms Fee Required

Parking Lot parking is available.

There is a parking fee of $10.00 at this location.

Public restrooms are available (Flush Toilet).

Picnic Area Shelter Potable Water

Developed boat access.

Length of access is less than 50 yards.

West end of Loomis Street
Ludington, MI
GPS: 43° 57.27540, -86° 27.68100
Location Map for Loomis Street Boat Launch